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GEO-CRADLE Workshop, Novi Sad, Serbia, 14-15 July 2016:
Connecting the dots across the Earth Observation value chain

At InoSens we believe that European projects are a great opportunity for small companies like ours to build a network and establish partnerships across Europe. This is why we are very passionate about GEO-CRADLE. It gives us the opportunity to be members of a forward-looking community built around Earth Observation enabled services in Balkans, Middle East and North Africa. For 2 days in the middle of July, we had an additional reason to be proud about our participation in GEO-CRADLE, as we hosted a regional workshop “Accelerating EO-powered businesses and market take-up”, bringing together 80 participants from over 10 countries.

By Grigoris Chatzikostas, CEO, Inosens doo Novi Sad, Serbia  

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GEO-CRADLE event: 2nd EGS Networking Meeting in Morocco “In-situ network operators and Geological Surveys – focus on Middle East and North Africa”
Organized as a part of the GEO-CRADLE project under the responsibility of partner EGS, this networking event is hosted by the Geological Survey of Morocco in Rabat on the 17th and 18th October 2016.
The Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and the Environment and GEO-CRADLE have the pleasure to invite you to attend the workshop.
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GEO-CRADLE project meeting in Cyprus to refine and launch the pilot activities
The GEO-CRADLE meeting in Limassol, Cyprus on 16-17 November 2016, hosted by the partner Cyprus University of Technology, will refine the scope of the GEO-CRADLE pilot activities and conclude with their launch. The aim of the pilots is to build on the integration of existing capacities (infrastructure, datasets, models, etc.) and skills towards the provision of improved EO Services in the RoI.
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Meet GEO-CRADLE partners at GEO-XIII Plenary and Exhibition in Russia
GEO-CRADLE will participate in the GEO-XIII Plenary and Exhibition 2016 and invites you to attend this top event and meet with GEO-CRADLE partners there, in order to explore new opportunities for regional networking and contributions towards the implementation of GEO's and Copernicus' objectives.
GEO-XIII Plenary and Exhibition will take place in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, on 7-10 November 2016.
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GEO-CRADLE encourages you to fill in the GEO & the Commercial Sector Survey
Take the survey here!
GEO-CRADLE promotes the strengthening of EO-stakeholders regional networking and considers the commercial sector as a key part of the EO market and an important contributor to the implementation of the priorities of GEO, GEOSS and Copernicus. In this direction GEO-CRADLE filled in this survey and invites you as well to Have Your Say!
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!GEO-CRADLE Workshop in Novi Sad!
Bringing together 80 participants from over 10 countries, the GEO-CRADLE Workshop which took place on 14-15 July 2016 in Novisad, Serbia, focused on actionable insights from the leaders in EO-powered services.

The event brought together key players from public sector, academia and innovative SMEs to consider challenges, opportunities, and new approaches in Earth Observation on a regional scale.

The first day of the workshop "Accelerating EO-powered businesses and market take-up" explored regional success stories as well as areas for improvement of EO-based services in the Balkans. It provided various organizations along the EO value chain with firsthand insights into existing regional capacities and end-user needs, and the opportunity to discuss future possibilities. One of the workshop aims was to introduce the potential of EO to the startup and SME ecosystem. The GEO CRADLE Novi Sad Workshop offered participants a unique opportunity to take part in diverse sessions important for regional stakeholders, including current best practices and EU financing options.
The second day was an internal session for the GEO CRADLE Consortium. International experts and project partners shared their experience and discussed opportunities for strengthening cooperation at regional and European level. The event allowed for networking between various key EO players from different Balkan countries. The focus was to discuss the output of WP2 “Inventory of capacities and user needs”  in order to be utilisised as the input for WP3 "Gap Analysis, indicators and priorities". A first, however concrete, picture of current EO-status of capacities for each country-partner is the result of the activities undertaken and procceded during WP2. GEO-CRADLE Survey was the key tool for the collection of information about the EO-capacities (Space-borne, In-situ and Modelling) of the RoI, i.e. Balkans, North Africa and Middle East. Past projects, eg. BalkanGEONet, and thourough desk research was also sources of valuable information. Furthermore, a thorough user need analysis has been conducted through the GEO-CRADLE Survey, end-user interviews, desk research and the dedicated user workshop of NoviSad Workshop (Day 1, Part 1). The conclusions of WP2 were presented in order to move on from the collection of necessary information for the construction of the inventories to the gap analysis and maturity level identification for each country-partner; which address the main objectives of WP3.
Become a GEO-CRADLE Stakeholder and join an evolving Regional Network by filling in the GEO-CRADLE Survey.
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GEO-CRADLE at the 10th GEO  European Projects Workshop in Berlin
GEO-CRADLE organised the session "Regional dimension for GEO and capacity building priorities" on 1st June 2016, in the 10th GEO European Projects Workshop 2016, which took place in Berlin, Germany, from 31st May to 2nd June 2016. This successful session gathered more than 60 representatives from science, business and public administrations.
Split in two parts, the session aimed at presenting the tools and methodologies that have been or are being put in place by capacity building projects, to overcome the various challenges for the uptake of EO data and services at a regional level.
The first part of the session, entitled "Successful examples of operational EO value-added chains: from data sources to end-users" was moderated by Dr. Haris Kontoes, Research Director of NOA, GEO-CRADLE Project Director, who introduced GEO-CRADLE’s mission and objectives for the Balkans, Middle East and North Africa regions. Speakers, representing GMV, Centre Royal de Télédétection Spatiale and Spatial Services Ltd, were invited to share with the audience their feedback and lessons learned from implementing previous projects in the region. More specifically, to highlight the existing issues hampering the sustainability and interoperability of capacity building projects in the region.
The second part of the session, entitled "Capacity building: success stories and initiatives in regions - building regional cooperation" was a round table panel discussion moderated by Mr Lefteris Mamais, GEO-CRADLE Technical and Quality Assurance Manager. The session focused on showcasing successful capacity building case studies and their lessons learned. In particular, the session aimed to provide a feedback on how can capacity building projects support the sustainable uptake of EO services and data at a regional level.

GEO-CRADLE at the 10th GEO  European Projects Workshop in Berlin
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Dissemination Activities in North Africa
The Regional Coordinator of the GEO-CRADLE project for Middle East and North Africa Prof. Hesham El-Askary of Chapman University (USA), has had important contribution in the dissemination of the project in Egypt towards implementation of GEO and Copernicus in the region in relation to climate change and energy.
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