GEO-CRADLE Regional Workshop in the Middle East, 15-16/03/2018, Istanbul

Taking place in Turkey’s economic, cultural and historic center the event will gather diverse organisations along the data value-added service chain. From research to market, the event will introduce the Copernicus Sentinel Data Hubs whilst showcasing GEO-CRADLE’s project pilot results and user cases with the aim of highlighting cross-sector cooperation on transversal topics such as water management, adaptation to climate change or food security, to name a few.

The one-and-a-half day workshop will also be a great opportunity for both private and public stakeholders, to discuss transformational issues affecting the uptake and use of geo-information services.

The roundtable discussions will bring together confirmed operational users of EO services and data providers, as well as interested and potential users with the aim of promoting knowledge transfer and cross-sector fertilization of good practices.

Furthermore, the event will showcase innovation incubators and Horizon2020 funding opportunities for stakeholders interested to develop geo-information services.

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