GEO-CRADLE @ GEO SYMPOSIUM 2019, 27-29 May, Geneva

GEO-CRADLE is participating in the GEO Symposium 2019!

GEO-CRADLE started as a CSA project funded by the H2020 (2016-2018) and it has been upgraded first to a GEO Community Activity and then to a GEO Initiative (decision taken in the last GEO Ministerial 2018 in Kyoto).

The 2019 Symposium takes place at a critical moment in the development of the 2020-2022 GEO Work Programme. Representatives from GEO’s 70+ Work Programme activities and initiatives are sharing their progress, knowledge and make plans to maximise the impact of Earth observations for sustainable development.

Dr. Evangelos Gerasopoulos will present the objectives, the action plan, and the way forward of GEO-CRADLE initiative.

The agenda of the Symposium is available here.