Networking Platform

The Regional Networking Platform is an on-going activity to create an attractive, user-friendly and comprehensive platform where regional stakeholders can be informed on existing capacities, complementary skills and collaboration opportunities.
Through the Regional Networking Platform you are able to browse and join a regional network of raw data providers, intermediate users/service providers, end-users from Industry, Academic and Public Sector from the Region of Interest.
The Networking Platform and the Regional Data Hub is the cornerstone for promoting better sharing of information and knowledge amongst EO stakeholders in the RoI.

You can visit the Networking Platform, browse stakeholders that have already joined our network and find stakeholders of interest.

You can, also, become a member of this network and have your Organisation advertised. To join our network please register to fill in the on-line GEO-CRADLE survey. Our administrator will review your answers and then you profile will be on air!

Take a look!