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    icon Improved adaptation to climate change relies on solid knowledge on current and future regional climate and convincing arguments as well as hands on tools for inspired policy making. GEO-CRADLE maximizes region specific, targeted information together with a specific roadmap for multi-spectra action directions, based on thorough assessment on the level of coordination and future investment to be carried towards the utilization of EO for climate adaptation and mitigation.

    icon Improved food security relies on many different elements related to the availability of safe foods, such as water abundance, vegetation stresses, yield variance and soil quality. GEO-CRADLE contributes to the development of common standards and protocols tailored to meet the RoI needs for long-term monitoring of plantations, soils and food security essential parameters (e.g. soil degradation/acidification/moisture), and their protection against the water extremes regimes (floods & drought). The integration of EO that provide high spectral and temporal resolution will greatly impact the level of collected information, enable the evaluation of new service chains and methods, and all this under the perspective of the ongoing climate change.

    icon Better access to raw materials relies on accurate knowledge of their availability in terms of quantity, quality and geographical distribution. GEO-CRADLE mobilises advanced EO techniques for long-term monitoring, mapping, and management of mineral deposits. In this context, availability-demand relationships are formulated, optimising the rate of exploitation, whilst placing emphasis on land changes and sites degradation, waste materials management and post-mining control and remediation

    icon Better access to energy relies on a multitude of continuously evolving technological platforms, targeted investments and the right decision making at local, regional and global scale. GEO-CRADLE demonstrates ways of maximising the value and benefits of relevant EO investments in the RoI, promotes clean and safe energy solutions contributing to natural resources preservation, triggers synergies between the private sector with public services and user communities, in support of the energy market.

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