Regional Data Hub

The Regional Data Hub (RDH) will soon provide access to both region-related datasets, portals and services developed by a regional network of raw data providers, intermediate users/service providers, end-users from Industry, Academic and Public Sector from the Region of Interest, and, also, datasets and services directly fed from the GEOSS-portal. Moreover, being the centralised gateway for regional data providers to contribute easily and timely their products to GEOSS, the Regional Data Hub is designed to become the focal node in the region in the context of GEOSS and Copernicus implementation. The RDH will facilitate access to downloadable files of Space-borne data from real-time EO satellite missions acquisitions; data from Airborne campaigns performed in the region; In-situ data; and Models such as Atmospheric and Climate.

The Regional Data Hub and the Networking Platform are the cornerstone for promoting better sharing of information and knowledge amongst EO stakeholders in the region.