Note: The deliverables of the GEO-CRADLE project are listed below per Work Package. Following their final approval by the European Commission, you can download the deliverables which are public in terms of dissemination level.

  • D1.1: Project Management Plan
  • D1.2: Liaison strategy and targets (I)
  • D1.3: Set up of the Advisory Board
  • D1.4: Liaison strategy and targets (II)
  • D1.5: Regional Coordination Progress Report (I)
  • D1.6: Regional Coordination Progress Report (II)
  • D7.1: Data Management Plan
  • D7.2: IPR issues (I)
  • D7.3: Impact Assessment Methodology
  • D7.4: IPR issues (II)
  • D7.5: Impact Assessment Report
  • D7.6: Sustainability Plan