Miguel Angel Salgado-Cedillo

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  • First NameMiguel Angel
  • Last NameSalgado-Cedillo
  • TitleMr
  • PositionClassification Intern
  • Email 1malewar95376@hotmail.com
  • Phone 1209 437-7211
  • Organisation NameUnited International Treaty
  • DepartmentState Capital
  • TypeInstitutional
  • Thematic AreaAccess to raw materialsClimate changeEnergyFood SecurityOther
  • Website(s)San Joaquin Delta College Dashboard, University Of Harvaard
  • Street NameMacarthur
  • Street No2929 N. Macarthur spc 190
  • Postal Code85376
  • TownTracy
  • CountryUnited States
    • 1. Which of these statements best describe your Organisation’s role in the value chain?Value-adder(data process-modelling)GIS/mapping service provider
    • 2. What are the main thematic areas of activity of your Organisation?Food security (including agriculture and water extremes i.e. floods and droughts)Energy (including renewables such as solar / wind energy - etc.)
    • 3. Has your organisation participated in EO-related projects?Yes
    • 4. Has your Organisation participated in any Copernicus service provision, Copernicus User requirements definition or Copernicus Research & Innovation action?N/A
    • 5. Has your Organisation participated in any GEO/GEOSS SBA Tasks, community activities or initiatives?Yes
    • Please provide some additional information Sheltered related progams
    • 6. How would you rate your Organisation’s level of collaboration with other EO actors in your country or abroad?
    • A. In your CountryModerate(5-10 actors)
    • B. AbroadN/A
    • From the list below, please choose all the domains in which your organisation has capacities. 4) EO data exploitation for the provision of value-adding services and products
    • EO data exploitation for the provision of value-adding services and products

    • Do you deliver services / products that are based on the exploitation of EO data? Yes
    • Which of the following areas do your products/services cover? You can choose more than one Ecosystems(desertification-environmental impact- pollution)Land Use/Cover & Change (classified activities and statistics)GeologyInfrastructure (buildings-telecommunications and energy supply)ClimateFiresAgriculture (farming-crops-yield-etc)
    • Do you provide these products/services freely or on a commercial basis?All are provided freely
    • Are you using open EO data sources (e.g. EOSAT, USGS, NASA, ESA) for providing services and which?

      yes, common use are purposed to the service workers to work in all areas. Including case management, yet Geo resource are an optional proposal , never available to me the Stakeholder as a "name" based service its a non based on faith based application its for research in which if so people are projecting by other groups such as salvation army local community services what is suggest .research does not hold a position off factor actor or public face its research that is live on behalf of the applicant to space -data not on human right exploitation to one another everyone is important for the least to the most high of the chain of services in its professional category unless submitted to defame certain candidates because of people amenities don't fit word description. Example woman who established law of kindness do so to promote satisfaction to a "experience" not a group research is on earth and climate change if so for sake off correction the candidate is not available it should not be passed overlooked if a mature parties suggest its opinion should stay out off the research not followed by personal of HSA that were also screaming for help 2 years 2017 in the USA due to the insufficiency off local representatives that looked away due to ago due to covid 19 exposure circumstance,status,discrimination against people that volunteered to responded to positions that were as important as any deployed armed solider.Also performing the same task that off local,state,federal, deployed personal. Senate of America said and I quote " People that took an oath to collect data for survey,service workers or even stakeholders were being harassed at every level " that the community off will fighter should fight anyone with a list of protocols not selling information to the public or anonymous member of a such group. As legislature parties were also classified vulnerable non-citizen took action to stand before the threat and were treacherously denoted unless a group service to human right stood up on behalf of the individual. Families on a large sale were given different information on members who were helping the covid 19 course to vaccination, and exposure.

    • 1. Is there funding for EO activities available in your country? No
    • 2. Is there a National Space Policy/Strategy? Yes
    • 3. Is there a Space Agency in your country? Yes
    • 4. Which of the following best describes the level of coordination of EO activities in your country? None
    • 5. Which of the following best describes the level of interaction between the EO community and decision makers in your country?In specific thematic areas
    • 1. Would your Organisation be interested in contributing with its capacities to a regional initiative of GEO and/or Copernicus, addressing regional needs in the domains of Climate Change, Access to Raw Materials, Energy, Food Security and Water? Yes
    • 2. Would you be interested in providing feedback to the GEO-CRADLE consortium for establishing a roadmap for the implementation of GEO and Copernicus in North Africa, Middle East and the Balkans? Yes
    • 3. Would your organisation be interested in receiving our quarterly newsletter and/or participating in future networking events? Yes to both

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