• CONSORTIS was founded as AKKT – Engineering in September 2005 in Thessaloniki, Greece. With the existing experience of its founding members and basic shareholders and driven by the perfect organization and excellent cooperation of the capable staff and permanent associates.The continuous education and training of the staff and the continuous update of the equipment form a dynamic relationship of the company with the rapidly evolving scientific and technological progress.
    Since it was founded, the company is in a continuous course of growth in the field of private and public projects.

    More specifically the company deals with the following areas:
    - Geoinformatics
    - Photogrammetric and Cadastre 3D Mapping Projects
    - Land Surveying and Cadastre Projects
    - Transport engineering
    - Hydraulic Projects
    - Environmental Projects
    - Urban and Spatial planning projects

    All the procedures and functions of AKKT – Engineering are certified according to standard ISO 9001:2014 & 14001:2015 of the TUV – HELLAS.

    Developments in information technology in the last decades have turned the Geographic Information Systems into essential and useful tools for spatial analysis at municipal level and macro level.
    AKKT - Engineering is involved in the field of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) applications’ development. The department of Geoinformatics assumes the particular development of appropriate GIS applications, Geographic Databases, telemetric, Web GIS Applications, Fleet Management Applications and specific information technology applications for the needs of both the customers and the company.
    The company also assumes specialized projects of Cartography to produce or update maps, photogrammetry projects and production of reduced images and orthophotomaps, digitization of existing plans projects and creation of cadastral data bases, as well as any digitization and georeference.

    Photogrammetric and Cadastre 3D Mapping Projects
    The company is able to complete even the most demanding work of aerial photogrammetry covering the production of accurate DTM, DSM and orthophotography maps of different scales from 1: 100 to 1: 5000. The company expertise and permanent collaborations with companies that owns aircrafts and high accuracy digital cameras, guarantees the quality of work no matter how extensive or specialized could be.
    For example:
    The company has done one of the biggest orthomaps and DTM production programs for Greece which covered the production of accurate DTM, DSM and orthophotography maps pixel size 0.25m RGBNIR. The project for the “National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A” (“NCMA”) has covered 44.282,5 km2 with RAW fresh imagery cloud free, pixel size 0.25m RGBNIR stereopairs of urban, suburban, agriculture and mountainous areas and the production of all related products ex. DTM’s orthomaps etc.
    Indicative Projects
     Creation of National digital orthoimages and aerial photos for the entire State (LSO) LSO25-2 [National Cadastre and Mapping Agency S.A.]
     Second Phase of study for the creation of the National Cadastre of Greece in the Municipalities of Ampelokipi, Kordelio, Evosmos, Menemeni, Oreokastro and area of Ionia in Municipality of Ehedoros, Thessaloniki [National Cadastre and Mapping Agency S.A.]
     Feasibility Analysis and viability testing of multimodal corridors of approved operations "sea2sea" in the context of the trans- European transportation network. [Kavala Port Authority S.A.]
     Evaluation of the ecological footprint in Greece, the development of the supporting web platform and teaching material (Action 6.1) and the development of guidelines for the sustainable use of municipal water treatment (action 6.4) under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme "GREECE - BULGARIA 2007 - 2013" [Inter Balkan Environmental Centre]
     AGROLESS - joint reference strategies for rural activities of reduced inputs under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme "GREECE - BULGARIA 2007-2013". Pilot implementation of tools and assessment of product quality [Inter Balkan Environmental Centre]
     Management, project coordination, monitoring and water management standards in urban areas and creation of register of drinking water protected areas and implementation of standards. "conservation and quality assurance of municipal water in the crossborder area" - CIVILWATER [Water Directorate of East Macedonia–Thrace]
     Standard methods for monitoring the quality situation of water resources using telemetry [Water Directorate of East Macedonia–Thrace]
     Joint infrastructure environmental monitoring of water resources and public health protection. ‘’Model methodologies of monitoring the qualitative state of water resources using telemetry" - (safewet) [Aristotle University of Thessaloniki]
     Technical support for the implementation of actions in the framework of the project entitled "Pilot project for a common European training program for specialists in road safety education and implementation in secondary driveways'' [Region of Central Macedonia]
     Development of process design models for implementing early warning systems in case of extraordinary floods [Region of East Macedonia–Thrace]
     Protection of human life and enviromental health through sustainable management of agrarian landscapes - WET-AID [Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia on behalf of the Region of Central Macedonia]
     Development of a core system of shell and sectoral applications ", related to Subproject 2, in the framework of the implementation of the project “Environmental information system for the support of entrepreneurship and competitiveness” is implemented within the framework of the operational programme “Digital Convergence”, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and by national resources [Inter Balkan Environmental Centre]
     etc

  • First NameGEORGIOS
  • Last NameTSAKOUMIS
  • TitleMr
  • PositionCEO
  • Email 1info@consortis.gr
  • Phone 100302310889336
  • Organisation NameCONSORTIS
  • TypeCommercial
  • Thematic AreaClimate changeOther
  • Website(s)www.consortis.gr
  • Street NameGeorgikis Scholis Ave.
  • Street No27
  • Postal Code57001
  • CountryGreece
    • 1. Which of these statements best describe your Organisation’s role in the value chain?Raw data/providerValue-adder(data process-modelling)GIS/mapping service providerEnd User with in house GIS/ mapping capabilities
    • 2. What are the main thematic areas of activity of your Organisation?Other
    • Other Thematic AreasPhotogrammetric, Cadastre 3D Mapping Projects, Telemetry
    • 3. Has your organisation participated in EO-related projects?Yes
    • 4. Has your Organisation participated in any Copernicus service provision, Copernicus User requirements definition or Copernicus Research & Innovation action?No
    • 5. Has your Organisation participated in any GEO/GEOSS SBA Tasks, community activities or initiatives?No
    • 6. How would you rate your Organisation’s level of collaboration with other EO actors in your country or abroad?
    • A. In your CountryLow(1-4 actors)
    • Please expand on the collaboration if appropriate, indicating if possible the contact details of these EO actors.

      TERRA SPATIUM SA, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

    • B. AbroadLow(1-4 Actors)
    • Please expand on the collaboration if appropriate, indicating if possible the contact details of these EO actors.


    • From the list below, please choose all the domains in which your organisation has capacities. 4) EO data exploitation for the provision of value-adding services and products
    • EO data exploitation for the provision of value-adding services and products

    • Do you deliver services / products that are based on the exploitation of EO data? Yes
    • Which of the following areas do your products/services cover? You can choose more than one Ecosystems(desertification-environmental impact- pollution)Land Use/Cover & Change (classified activities and statistics)Urban AreasForestAgriculture (farming-crops-yield-etc)
    • Do you provide these products/services freely or on a commercial basis?All are charged for
    • 1. Is there funding for EO activities available in your country? N/A
    • 2. Is there a National Space Policy/Strategy? No
    • 3. Is there a Space Agency in your country? No
    • 4. Which of the following best describes the level of coordination of EO activities in your country? Scarce
    • 5. Which of the following best describes the level of interaction between the EO community and decision makers in your country?N/A
    • 1. Would your Organisation be interested in contributing with its capacities to a regional initiative of GEO and/or Copernicus, addressing regional needs in the domains of Climate Change, Access to Raw Materials, Energy, Food Security and Water? Yes
    • 2. Would you be interested in providing feedback to the GEO-CRADLE consortium for establishing a roadmap for the implementation of GEO and Copernicus in North Africa, Middle East and the Balkans? Yes
    • 3. Would your organisation be interested in receiving our quarterly newsletter and/or participating in future networking events? Yes to both

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