Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport

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  • First NameAbdel Monem
  • Last NameSanad
  • TitleArab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport
  • PositionAssistant President for Environmental Studies
  • Email
  • Phone 1+2 01005306145
  • Fax+2 0222675006
  • Organisation NameArab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport
  • TypeResearch & Academic
  • Thematic AreaClimate changeEnergyFood Security
  • Website(s)
  • Street NameEl Moshir Ismail st. - behind Sheraton Bldg., Heliopolis, P.O. Box 2033 - Elhorria
  • Street No1
  • Postal Code-
  • TownCairo
  • CountryEgypt
    • 1. Which of these statements best describe your Organisation’s role in the value chain?Value-adder(data process-modelling)End User with in house GIS/ mapping capabilities
    • 2. What are the main thematic areas of activity of your Organisation?Climate change (e.g. climatology- meteorology atmospheric composition- air quality- radiation)Food security (including agriculture and water extremes i.e. floods and droughts)Energy (including renewables such as solar / wind energy - etc.)
    • 3. Has your organisation participated in EO-related projects?No
    • 4. Has your Organisation participated in any Copernicus service provision, Copernicus User requirements definition or Copernicus Research & Innovation action?No
    • 5. Has your Organisation participated in any GEO/GEOSS SBA Tasks, community activities or initiatives?No
    • 6. How would you rate your Organisation’s level of collaboration with other EO actors in your country or abroad?
    • A. In your CountryModerate(5-10 actors)
    • B. AbroadLow(1-4 Actors)
    • From the list below, please choose all the domains in which your organisation has capacities. 3) Modelling and computing processing capacities
    • Modelling and Computing Processing Capacities

    • Model/Algorithm1

      C.C. models, WMS, HEC.MS models, ArcGIS for Mapping and DEM presentations

    • Which of the following application area(s) does the model serve? Meteorologic/ClimaticHydrometric/Water QualitySoil attributes/Spectra
    • Please specify the source of EO data used in the model.Geospatial data (e.g.DTM)Remote sensing data (e.g raw satellite high-level images)
    • Please list the providers of input data for the model

      open source data available online

    • What is the geographic coverage/extent the model applies to?NationalRegional
    • Does your Organisation have sufficient available computing resources for the processing and exploitation of EO data and the models running?Processing Power Capacity (CPU-RAM-Storage Capacity)
    • 1. Is there funding for EO activities available in your country? N/A
    • 2. Is there a National Space Policy/Strategy? Yes
    • 3. Is there a Space Agency in your country? Yes
    • 4. Which of the following best describes the level of coordination of EO activities in your country? Scarce
    • 5. Which of the following best describes the level of interaction between the EO community and decision makers in your country?Scarce
    • 6. Can you give examples of high impact EO dedicated workshops organized in your country in the last decade?

      Don't know

    • 1. Would your Organisation be interested in contributing with its capacities to a regional initiative of GEO and/or Copernicus, addressing regional needs in the domains of Climate Change, Access to Raw Materials, Energy, Food Security and Water? Yes under specific conditions
    • 2. Would you be interested in providing feedback to the GEO-CRADLE consortium for establishing a roadmap for the implementation of GEO and Copernicus in North Africa, Middle East and the Balkans? N/A
    • 3. Would your organisation be interested in receiving our quarterly newsletter and/or participating in future networking events? Yes to both

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