• 23 years old Company in Tunisia. Specialised in Remote Sensing and GIS. Have installed more than 120 sites in the area. Besides classical application using ENVI and ARCGIS, it practices important research work in multiple areas notably in Environment, Agriculture, and Regional Development.
    Recent work of importance concerns Spatial Data Warehouses, Geomorphology of the Tunisian coast, Different Databases for the coast, Regional optimisation, Intelligent Detection of Objects etc.
    GRAPHTECH is also well known for high quality training on concepts of GIS,spatial analysis, and Remote Sensing and its tools, as well as specific software training for ARCGIS and its extension Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst,Geostatistical Analyst. It also designs,implements and optimises GIS-Web Servers.

  • First NameMagdy
  • Last NameGAAFAR
  • TitleMr
  • PositionGeneral Manager
  • Email 1mgaafar@graphtech-gis.com
  • Phone 1+216 52999999
  • Organisation NameGRAPHTECH
  • TypeCommercial
  • Thematic AreaAccess to raw materialsClimate changeEnergyFood SecurityOther
  • Website(s)www.graphtech-gis.com
  • Street NameRue Ali Kallel
  • Street No6
  • Postal Code2070
  • TownLa Marsa
  • CountryTunisia
    • 1. Which of these statements best describe your Organisation’s role in the value chain?Raw data/providerValue-adder(data process-modelling)GIS/mapping service provider
    • 2. What are the main thematic areas of activity of your Organisation?Climate change (e.g. climatology- meteorology atmospheric composition- air quality- radiation)Food security (including agriculture and water extremes i.e. floods and droughts)Energy (including renewables such as solar / wind energy - etc.)
    • 3. Has your organisation participated in EO-related projects?Yes
    • 4. Has your Organisation participated in any Copernicus service provision, Copernicus User requirements definition or Copernicus Research & Innovation action?Yes
    • 5. Has your Organisation participated in any GEO/GEOSS SBA Tasks, community activities or initiatives?No
    • 6. How would you rate your Organisation’s level of collaboration with other EO actors in your country or abroad?
    • A. In your CountryModerate(5-10 actors)
    • B. AbroadNone (0 Actors)
    • From the list below, please choose all the domains in which your organisation has capacities. 3) Modelling and computing processing capacities4) EO data exploitation for the provision of value-adding services and products
    • Modelling and Computing Processing Capacities

    • Model/Algorithm1

      ARCGIS and its extensions
      Machine Learning
      Spatial Data Warehouses

    • Which of the following application area(s) does the model serve? Meteorologic/ClimaticHydrometric/Water Quality
    • Please specify the source of EO data used in the model.Geospatial data (e.g.DTM)Remote sensing data (e.g raw satellite high-level images)Other
    • Please specify

      Spatial Modelling

    • Please list the providers of input data for the model


    • What is the geographic coverage/extent the model applies to?LocalNationalRegional
    • In which region?North Africa
    • Which of the following application area(s) does the model serve? *Meteorological/ClimaticHydrometric/Water Quality
    • Which of the following application area(s) does the model serve? *Atmospheric Composition/ProfilingHydrometric/Water Quality
    • EO data exploitation for the provision of value-adding services and products

    • Do you deliver services / products that are based on the exploitation of EO data? No
    • 1. Is there funding for EO activities available in your country? No
    • 2. Is there a National Space Policy/Strategy? No
    • 3. Is there a Space Agency in your country? No
    • 4. Which of the following best describes the level of coordination of EO activities in your country? Basic
    • Please provide examples of collaboration between research and private sector entities in your country.

      Application for Coast with APAL

    • 5. Which of the following best describes the level of interaction between the EO community and decision makers in your country?In specific thematic areas
    • Please provide examples of EO-based services and/or products in your country which are operationally used by public sector bodies.

      Water Agriculture

    • 1. Would your Organisation be interested in contributing with its capacities to a regional initiative of GEO and/or Copernicus, addressing regional needs in the domains of Climate Change, Access to Raw Materials, Energy, Food Security and Water? Yes
    • 2. Would you be interested in providing feedback to the GEO-CRADLE consortium for establishing a roadmap for the implementation of GEO and Copernicus in North Africa, Middle East and the Balkans? Yes
    • 3. Would your organisation be interested in receiving our quarterly newsletter and/or participating in future networking events? Yes to both

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