• Planetek Hellas is a Greek company, member of the Planetek Group that since 1994, operates in the field of Satellite Remote Sensing, Spatial Data Infrastructure and Software development for the “on board” and “ground” segment space applications.Founded in 2006 and based in Athens, Greece, Planetek Hellas aims to replicate the successful approach to the market of the Group leader Planetek Italia S.r.l., whose applications and solutions are developed within the most important European programs in the field of space research and integrated systems for the management, analysis and sharing of land-related information.
    Planetek Hellas experience conjugates mastering of advanced remote sensing processing, with GIS Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) competences and real world application delivery. These applications are usually addressed to Public Administrations like central and local Governments, Environmental Agencies, NGO’s, etc.

  • First NameYiota
  • Last NameSpastra
  • TitleMs
  • Positionbusiness development
  • Email 1spastra@planetek.gr
  • Email 2info@planetek.gr
  • Phone 1+302152157390
  • Organisation NamePlanetek Hellas
  • TypeCommercial
  • Thematic AreaClimate changeEnergyOther
  • Website(s)www.planetek.gr
  • Street NameKifissias
  • Street No44
  • Postal Code15125
  • TownMaroussi
  • CountryGreece
    • 1. Which of these statements best describe your Organisation’s role in the value chain?Value-adder(data process-modelling)GIS/mapping service provider
    • 2. What are the main thematic areas of activity of your Organisation?Climate change (e.g. climatology- meteorology atmospheric composition- air quality- radiation)Food security (including agriculture and water extremes i.e. floods and droughts)Access to raw materials (e.g. minerals- mining- etc)Energy (including renewables such as solar / wind energy - etc.)Other
    • 3. Has your organisation participated in EO-related projects?Yes
    • 4. Has your Organisation participated in any Copernicus service provision, Copernicus User requirements definition or Copernicus Research & Innovation action?Yes
    • 6. How would you rate your Organisation’s level of collaboration with other EO actors in your country or abroad?
    • A. In your CountryModerate(5-10 actors)
    • B. AbroadHigh(>10 Actors)
    • From the list below, please choose all the domains in which your organisation has capacities. 3) Modelling and computing processing capacities4) EO data exploitation for the provision of value-adding services and products
    • Modelling and Computing Processing Capacities

    • Model/Algorithm1


    • Which of the following application area(s) does the model serve? Hydrometric/Water QualitySoil attributes/SpectraOther (e.g. Earthquake/Volcanic/Landslide)
    • Please specify the source of EO data used in the model.Remote sensing data (e.g raw satellite high-level images)
    • What is the geographic coverage/extent the model applies to?Global
    • Does your Organisation have sufficient available computing resources for the processing and exploitation of EO data and the models running?Cloud Infrastructure
    • EO data exploitation for the provision of value-adding services and products

    • Do you deliver services / products that are based on the exploitation of EO data? Yes
    • Which of the following areas do your products/services cover? You can choose more than one Ecosystems(desertification-environmental impact- pollution)Land Motion/Ground MovementInland Water (rivers and lakes)Urban AreasForestMarine Ecosystems (including pollution-oil spills)FiresAgriculture (farming-crops-yield-etc)Other (e.g. landslide-earthquakes-etc)
    • Do you provide these products/services freely or on a commercial basis?All are charged for
    • Which are your main customers / end-users?

      private and public sector

    • 1. Is there funding for EO activities available in your country? N/A
    • 2. Is there a National Space Policy/Strategy? Yes
    • 3. Is there a Space Agency in your country? No
    • 4. Which of the following best describes the level of coordination of EO activities in your country? Basic
    • 5. Which of the following best describes the level of interaction between the EO community and decision makers in your country?In specific thematic areas
    • 1. Would your Organisation be interested in contributing with its capacities to a regional initiative of GEO and/or Copernicus, addressing regional needs in the domains of Climate Change, Access to Raw Materials, Energy, Food Security and Water? Yes under specific conditions
    • 2. Would you be interested in providing feedback to the GEO-CRADLE consortium for establishing a roadmap for the implementation of GEO and Copernicus in North Africa, Middle East and the Balkans? N/A
    • 3. Would your organisation be interested in receiving our quarterly newsletter and/or participating in future networking events? Yes to both

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