GEO-CRADLE at EARSC session, GEPW, 20/06/2017, Helsinki

It is our pleasure to send this first Announcement of the session on “Leveraging EO services to help monitoring SDGs, the industry contribution” to be held in the framework of the European GEO projects workshop from 19-21 June 2017 in Helsinki

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are being launched with an emphasis on collecting data that will be extensive and specific enough to serve these needs. They are designed to balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental. European EO industry can help achieve the SDGs by providing critical information on natural resources, government operations, public services, and population demographics. Industry helps on the SDG implementation role, monitoring, reporting, and the facilitation and shaping of reporting methods, policy and tools. These insights can inform national priorities and help determine the most effective paths for action on national issues.

The industry overall could help on:

  • the stage of the improvement cycle (plan, do, check, act, review)
  • improving efficiency and effectiveness of public services
  • increasing transparency, accountability
  • facilitating better information-sharing within government

The workshop will bring experts from the public and private sectors to underline the key priorities of GEO with regards to industry engagement and how to work in practise for the uptake of R&D projects.

Dr. Haris Kontoes, Project Coordinator of GEO-CRADLE Project, presented “The GEO-CRADLE project in support to the SDGs implementation and EO industry’s engagement“.

More about the event here.