GEO-CRADLE @ EO4GEO WORKSHOP, Patras, Greece, 4-6/12/2018

The EO4GEO project is happy to announce its second Workshop and Project meeting to be held in Patras, Greece, from December 4th until 6th. The meeting will be hosted by project partner UPAT

The objective of the workshop is to present and discuss the observed gaps and mismatch between the GI and EO  education and training offered by academic institutions and VET providers and the knowledge, skills and competencies required by the market, and in particular the downstream services market. In the gap and mismatch analysis, technological and societal trends are taken into account.

Therefore, one specific objective of the workshop is to discuss and agree on how a long-term mechanism can be put in place that continuously monitors the gaps and mismatched taking into account those trends.

The workshop will feature some invited speakers and provides an overview of the work done so far, but also leave room for interactive discussions.

The GEO-CRADLE project coordinator will participate in the woskop with an oral presentation on “The GEO-CRADLE initiative: GEO and Copernicus Capacity Building in North Africa, Middle East, Balkans, and the Black Sea”.

The agenda of the workshop is available here.