GEO-CRADLE at GEO-XIV Plenary, 23-27/10/2017, Washington D.C.

GEO-CRADLE participates in the GEO-XIV Plenary in the following sessions:

Tuesday 24 October 2017

16:30-18:00 – GEO in ACTION – Continental A – Demonstration

Presenter: Dr Haris Kontoes

Abstract: GEO in Action will focus to showcase all the various applications built using GCI components such GEO DAB APIs and GCI EO Open data and thus emphasizing the value of the GCI for Decision making.

Organizers: GEO Secretariat

Contact: Paola De Salvo (


15:30-17:30 – AfriGEOSS: Strengthening partnerships with African Diaspora on Earth Observations – Meridian B – Side Event

Presenter: Prof. Hesham M. El-Askary

Abstract: The AfriGEOSS Initiative aims to improve the uptake of Earth Observations in decision-making in Africa. Its Action Areas include data and infrastructure for improved access to data; individual and institutional capacity development; addressing user needs and applications in areas such as water resource management, food security and agriculture, sustainable urban development and forest management, and climate services and adaptation. To achieve this goal, AfriGEOSS recognizes the need for strengthened intra-continental and international collaborations. The role of the Diaspora is deemed critical in ensuring sustained international partnerships.

The side event will raise awareness on the AfriGEOSS Initiative and explore the emerging synergy between existing programmes such as the Cube/Nano satellites, African Space Programme and the growth in national Space Programs, Geospatial Technology & Education in African countries. It will provide a much-needed forum for cross-collaboration among Researchers and Educators from Africa and partners in the Diaspora with a particular focus on advancing uptake of EO through the AfriGEOSS initiative. The outcomes will outline potential areas of collaboration between African institutions and the Diaspora in realizing the use of Earth observations in achieving the 2063 African Union agenda and the 2030 sustainable development agenda.

Organizers: AfriGEOSS and City University of New York

Contact: Andiswa Mlisa and Henry Bulley ( ;


For more information about the event please visit the official site of GEO.

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