EARSC: Report on "Public Service Bodies using EO data & services" Survey Released.

Initial Report on Survey’s outcomes is published.

EARSC presented the results coming from the survey they conducted into the Public Service Bodies (PSB) using EO data and services. The survey has been carried out by EARSC in 2015.

Its main purpose is to construct a complete and accurate picture of the public organisations in Europe that use EO data and services, documenting key aspects such as their involvement in and awareness of Copernicus and their engagement with external EO providers.




Expected benefits of Copernicus


Positive current perception and future expectation of Copernicus benefits and the fact that engagement of PSBs with external EO providers hints to untapped opportunities, are some of the initial conclusions.

For more information: Survey into Public Service Bodies using EO data and services – Initial Report (April 2016)

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