GEO-CRADLE Partners i-Bec and TAU Webinars, 14/06/2017

Two webinars took place in June and were conducted by i-Bec and TAU partners. The webinars aimed at informing the GEO-CRADLE partners that will be involved in the implementation of Pilot 4.2 on Improvement of Food Security – Water extremes Management regarding the technical requirements of the Pilot.


Webinar 1: Soil, Spectroscopy, and SSL, GEO-CRADLE Webinar 1.2, GEO-CRADLE Webinar 1.2

Webinar 2: A Brief Introduction to Machine LearningGEO-CRADLE SSL and Machine Learning Algorithms, GEO-CRADLE Webinar 2.1GEO-CRADLE Webinar 2.2