Geo-Cradle Kick-Off Meeting Presentations

You can find the presentations given at the Kick-Off Meeting (KOM) and pre Kick-Off Meeting (PKOM) below:

All the presentations of Geo-Cradle’s Kick-Off Meeting can be downloaded from here.

NB: Please note that only sessions presentations that the authors gave the approval to be published have been uploaded.

GEO-CRADLE Kick-Off Meeting | Friday, 19th of February, 2016
1 Introductory Session: Team Presentation, Project Overview and H2020 Guidelines
1.1 GEO-CRADLE Overview: Project objectives and overall approach C. Kontoes (NOA) [Presentation]
1.2 The European GEO context for GEO-CRADLE by EC Project Officer Jose Miguel Rubio Iglesias, DG

Research & Innovation, I4

1.3 H2020 Project Management Guidelines by EC project officers Gaëlle Le Bouler (EC/EASME)

Malgorzata Rogival (EC/EASME)

1.4 Financial and legal matters Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) [Presentation]
2 Panel Session 1: Project Coordination and Management
2.1 Brief Presentations on management structure and tools, regional coordination and liaison activities Project Coordination Team [Presentation]
3 Panel Session 2: Regional EO capacities, gaps and priorities
3.1 Inventory of regional capacities and user needs Panel led by CIMA with the participation of WP2 Task Leaders [Presentation]
3.2 Gap Analysis, indicators and priorities Panel led by INS with the participation of WP3 Task Leaders [Presentation]
4 Panel Session 3: Contributions to specific challenges, GEOSS and Copernicus
4.1 Pilots towards Regional Challenges Panel led by IBEC with the participation of WP4 Task Leaders [Presentation]
4.2 Regional Contribution to GEOSS and Copernicus Panel led by NOA with the participation of WP5 Task leaders [Presentation]


5 Panel Session 4: Engagement and Exploitation
5.1 Communication and Engagement Panel led by NOA with the participation of WP6 Task Leaders [Presentation]
5.2 Impact and Exploitation Presentation by EARSC and NOA [Presentation]
GEO-CRADLE Pre Kick-Off Meeting | Thursday, 18th of February, 2016
1 EuroGeoSurveys(EGS) networking event
1A GEO-CRADLE project presentations EGS
1A.1 National Observatory of Athens (NOA) C. Kontoes [Presentation]
1A.3 Earth Observation and Geohazards Expert Group from EuroGeoSurveys (EOEG) Gerardo Herrera [Presentation]
1A.4 Earth Observation and Geohazards Expert Group from EuroGeoSurveys (EOEG)

Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME)

Eleftheria Poyiadji [Presentation]
1B & 1C Presentations of every Geological Survey EGS
1B.1 EO-MINERS and Minerals 4EU Veronika Kopačková

Czech Geological Survey (CGS)

1B.2 FOREGS Geochemical Atlas of Europe and GEMAS – GEochemical Mapping of Agricultural and grazing land Soil of Europe Alexandros (Alecos) Demetriades

EuroGeoSurveys Geochemistry Expert Group

1B.3 Integrated Technologies for Minerals Exploration, Pilot Project for Nickel Ore Deposits : RAW MATERIALS & EARTH OBSERVATION -EO Dr. Marianthi Stefouli


1B.4 SNAP-SEE: Sustainable Aggregates Planning in South East Europe Kiki Hatzilazaridou


1B.5 ProMine: Nano-particle products from new mineral resources in Europe Vassiliki Angelatou


1B.6 GEO.M.IN.D.: Geophysical Multilingual Internet-Driven Information Service

In.Geo.Cloud.S.: INspired GEOdata CLOUD Services

Dr. Artemios Atzemoglou


1C.1 AGS: Albanian Geological Survey [Presentation]
1C.2 HGI-CGS: Croatian Geological Survey [Presentation]
1C.3 GSDC: Geological Survey Department of Cyprus [Presentation]
1C.4 CGS: Czech Geological Survey [Presentation]
1C.5 FBiHGeological Survey of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina [Presentation]
1C.6 GSRM: Geological Survey of the Republic of Macedonia [Presentation]
1C.7 IGME: Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration [Presentation]
1C.8 KGS: Kosovo Geological Survey [Presentation]
1C.9 GSM: Geological Survey of Montenegro [Presentation]
1C.10 GSRSBH: Geological Survey of the Republic of Srpska [Presentation]
1C.11 GIR: Geological Institute of Romania [Presentation]
2 Regional workshop on WP2 – Inventory of capacities and user needs
2.1 Introduction & Overview of WP2 requirements

Introduce the goals, agenda and outline of WP2

Overview of contract requirements

  • Objectives
  • Work Breakdown Structure & Tasks
  • Workplan
  • Partnering organisations
  • Reporting periods, Deliverables
  • Cost Breakdown per activity

(WP2 Leader)

2.2 Previous experience in inventorying the RoI

(from other regional GEO and Copernicus projects)

2.2.1 BRAGMA: Bridging Actions for GMES and Africa Eyal Ben Dor

Tel Aviv University

2.2.2 Highlights of EO-MINERS FP7 Projects Eyal Ben Dor

Tel Aviv University

2.2.3 PanAfGEO project EuroGeoSurveys

Polish Geological Institue – National Research Institute


2.2.4 TÜBİTAK UZAY Space Technologies Research Institute [Presentation]
2.2.5 Balkan GEO Net Grigoris Chatzikostas


2.2.6 Implementation of a Balkan Land Monitoring System inter-Balkan Environment Center (i-BEC) [Presentation]
2.2.7 PanGeo Project Gerardo Herrera


2.3 Space-borne capacities (T2.1) CIMA

(T2.1 Leader)

2.4 In-Situ Networks (T2.2) EGS

(T2.2 Leader)

2.5 Modelling and Computing Facilities (T2.3) IPB

(T2.3 Leader)

2.6 User Need Analysis (T2.4) EURISY

(T2.4 Leader)